On the Roads in Macedonia

Driving in Macedonia

Drive on the right hand side of the road and so approach roundabouts in an anticlockwise direction. Vehicles on roundabouts have priority and not those entering it. Seat belts are compulsory. Insurance companies may refuse to pay for any accidents if you are not wearing seat belt. The use of dimmed headlights is obligatory in Macedonia during daylight as well - 24 hours. This helps to spot a moving vehicle faster, but more importantly to separate a moving vehicle from a parked one. The use of those also saves you money...

Speed limits

Within city limits – Up to 50 KmPH
Outside city – Up to 80 KmPH
On the highways – Up to 120 KmPH

Useful and important numbers

Road toll assistance – 196
Ambulance call – 194
Fire service – 193
Police – 192


Parking on the sidewalk is forbidden.

Red zone in Skopje

Only vehicles with weight of up to 2.5 tons and vans or buses with maximum 12 passengers are allowed to park in the "Red Zone".
On working days from 07.00 to 22.00 parking places in "Red Zone" require a fee.
Parking in the "Red Zone" is permitted within two hours and only on the designated areas. After the expiration of time the vehicles will be repatriated.

Parking via SMS

Customers of the Macedonian mobile operators can park in the Red Zone, by sending SMS to number 144 144

Mobile phones

You are not permitted to use a mobile phone while driving unless it has a hands free connection.

Drinking and driving

In Macedonia you are not allowed to drive when you have a an alcohol concentration of more than 0,5 pro mille. The law is very strict, random testing is carried out and if convicted you will loose your license, receive a heavy fine and may be imprisoned. If you hold a driving license and are traveling in a car with a drunk driver, you are equally responsible under Bulgarian law. In case of an accident with your car, accident and health insurance may all be made void if it is shown that you were under the influence of alcohol. As in all countries it is safer not to drink and drive at all!

Macedonia road network

It covers 20,000 kilometers in total and can be divided into the following categories:
Motorways and highways - 216 km
Sectional road network (road connections between municipalities and regions) - 906 km
Asphalted roads
Main dirt roads (connecting communities)
Other dirt roads (forest roads, rough roads, secondary connections)

The main road axes are listed below, followed by the European road number in brackets

E-75/M-1: Tabanovce - Kumanovo - Veles - Gradsko - Negotino- Demir Kapija - Gevgelija - Bogorodica
E-65: Blace - Skopje - Tetovo - Gostivar - Kicevo - Ohrid - Bitola - Medzitlija
E-871: Kumanovo - Kriva Palanka - Deve Bair
E-852: Podmolje - Struga – Kjafasan

Corridor 10 (north-south) E-75

Route Tabanovce (border) - Kumanovo - Veles - Gradsko - Negotino - Demir Kapija - Gevgelija - Bogorodica (border)
National roads M-1
Length 170.4 km (118.7 km highway with 4 lanes and divider)
Paytolls Romanovce, Otovica/Sopot and Gradsko

Corridor 8 (west-east) E-871, E-75, E-65, E-852

Route Kjafasan (border), Struga - Podmolje (Ohrid airport)- Kicevo - Gostivar - Tetovo - Skopje Ring road - Miladinovci - Kumanovo - Kriva Palanka - Deve Bair (border)
National roads M-2 / Deve Bair (border) - Kriva Palanka - Kumanovo M-1 / Kumanovo - Miladinovci M-4 / Miladinovci - Skopje ring road - Tetovo - Gostivar - Kicevo - Podmolje (Ohrid airport) - Struga - Kjafasan (border)
Length 253 km (183.5 km highway with 4 lanes and divider)
Paytolls Miladinovci, Glumovo, Zelino, Tetovo and Gostivar
Traffic level 1,500/-2,500 vehicles daily

Skopje ring road

Route Eastern section, with 2 branches (Hipodrom-Miladinovci and Hipodrom-Petrovec) both 17 km. North-western (Hipodrom - Orizari - Volkovo - Saraj) 25.5 km.
National roads M-3 / Petrovec - Hipodrom M-4 / Miladinovci - Hipodrom - Orizari - Volkovo - Saraj
Length 26.5 km highway with 4 lanes and divider
Paytolls Petrovec and Miladinovci (eastern section)